Have you been made redundant?


Preserve Yourself
  • Do not lose yourself in self pity and depression
  • Seek medical help if your mood is black and you feel helpless and hopeless
  • Seek other help if you feel lost, angry and confused about what to do next

Make a Daily Plan
  • Writing down a plan will focus you and relieve the feelings of powerlessness

Apply for Jobs

Are you in a trade or profession which has a dedicated weekly or monthly magazine?
  • If so, get a copy or go to the library to read it regularly
  • Keep up with your industry or field of expertise.  This will be appreciated when you are interviewed for a position.
  • If you have transferable skills, think about professions or industries in which you would like to be.  For example, Restaurant Front of House experience would easily transfer to any public customer outfacing role

Application Strategy
  • Choose a day when you will read the job vacancies in the press, online and at the job centre.
  • Consider all jobs that may fit your experience and talent/s.
  • Spend one day preparing customised c.v.'s and covering letters for the jobs you have chosen to apply for

Tip: If there is an application deadline, wait until it is almost up before you send your cv 
  • Try to handwrite the covering letter if you can.  Only one A4 page is necessary but if you have large handwriting limit the letter to just 2 pages maximum.
  • Keep a log of the jobs for which you have applied and keep a copy of your application so you can refresh yourself when you gain an interview
Tip: DO NOT do any more on applications.  Two days per week is sufficient.

Surviving Brain Rot
  • Read your industry papers or magazines.  Keep up with daily world and local events.
  • Contact any friends or ex colleagues who may be in a position to help you with a job
  • Have lunch or coffee with a friend who makes you laugh and is supportive
Tip: Stay away from friends who are not!  You are vulnerable and need nurturing not criticism or platitudes.
  • Rent a film from the library you have always wanted to watch
  • Do something with the family that you rarely get to do, such as a picnic or another family event
  • If you have children, arrange to spend some time with them
  • Be attentive to your partner.  This is a difficult time for both of you
  • Stay calm
  • Concentrate your mind on brain teasers that interest you, eg Sudoku, crosswords etc
  • Take a walk somewhere pleasant such as the park or seafront
Tip: Stay on top of your applications as an exercise for the mind

  • Sign on immediately.
  • Create a new budget that fits your current situation
  • Panic is not productive!
  • Contact all your creditors by letter and explain your circumstances.
  • Consult a debt counsellor if you prefer.  This service can be found via Citizens Advice.
  • Plan to be unemployed for 6 months.
  • Decide what expenditure can be trimmed whilst you are without a steady income.
  • Be realistic about your current financial position.  Best not to rely on overdrafts or borrow money if at all possible.
  • Are there high value items in the garage or loft that can be sold or pawned temporarily?
  • Review what you need and what would be nice to have when you visit the supermarket.  Think about purchasing own brand labels.  Is there an Aldi or Lidl near you?  Try them.
  • Mortgage Protection:  if you have this there is usually a 90 day waiting period.  Be sure to notify the mortgage lender immediately of your situation.  Invoke a holiday period on your mortgage payments if this facility is available.  If not, ask for their help.
Tip: Go straight to the Finance Director if you are fobbed off by the Administrative Office staff
  • Shift any credit card balances to a zero % card immediately.  There are many offers available and you can find the best deals listed in the Financial pages of the newspapers or online at various sites.


A difficult concept to grasp when you are worried about money and your employability.

HOWEVER, few times will come along when you can be in charge of yourself and your time.

This is part of preserving yourself.  Is there a Life Coach locally who offers reduced rates or deferred rates for consultations?  If so, grab the opportunity.

Would you like to volunteer?  Investigate your local charities and associations who are always in need of help.  You have the time!

Would your partner appreciate a break from chores for example?  Helping out can be rewarding and contribute to harmony at this difficult time.

Be thankful you are able to look for a job.  Remain positive and it will happen, eventually.

"If you dream it, you can do it"
Walt Disney